Verfügbarkeit: Ausverkauft

Please welcome the first all-new Phoenixborn to Ashes Reborn; Hope Everthorn! Hope is a creative artist adept in reshaping dreams and proliferating magical spirits. They use time and illusion magic to keep their opponents second guessing if what they see is real, or if what is real is yet to be seen.

Hope’s Duplicate ability allows them to temporarily phase in a copy of the smallest and trickiest conjurations for one turn, creating surprising bursts of swarming attacks! Hope can even further push through with their signature move, Void Pulse! The swarmier the better with this spell, as its damage scales up with how wide of an attack you can make. If you can land a perfect strike with it, you can crack open the void to receive some additional tempo and resource gains!

Erscheinungsdatum ist voraussichtlich September 2022