Sku: BtW-03

Shadows gather in the world. The darkness threatens you, your village, your friends and your family. Outside the village, the lands are vast and wild, filled with dangerous foes and vast treasures.

You're a little older now, ready to explore the world far from the village, ready to face the darkest dangers and become a legend. It's time for you and your friends to leave home.

Just as Beyond the Wall and other adventures allow for an exciting game night without much preparation, In the Distance offers rules and tips to set up and guide long campaigns in the same spirit. The players and the game master work together on the myths, legends and rumors of their self-developed setting.

In this book you will find all the necessary tools to create your own land and to travel and explore it together:

  • Players and game masters create the sandbox of their campaigns together.
  • Threats to dynamic villains and dangers that threaten the world beyond the village.
  • Useful tips and ways to bring new characters into the game.
  • Rules for creating magic items through crafting, deeds, or sorcery.
  • Threats to a common thread include The Broken Lands and The Vengeful Dragon .