Organize and store your notes, character sheets, and spell cards in the Ultra PRO Character Folios for Dungeons & Dragons!

Each folio features a colorful cover and inner pockets, and contains 10 pages for character sheets and notes, and two pages of 9 pockets for standard-size spell cards.

The character folios also include a sticker sheet to help organize your adventures!

The cover art is from the official D&D5E work: Light of Xaryxis

These decals are included on the decal sheet:

  • 1 D&D logo sticker
  • 13 Great Class Stickers
  • 26 Small Class Stickers
  • 12 magic cards reminder stickers
  • 8 fold-over tab stickers
  • 2 binding edge stickers

Estimated delivery date is August 31, 2022