Sku: 6114

Ash falls like snow on the mourners who stand on the banks of Dar Bahri, while smoke rises from the pyres to the blood-red sun of Dabaran. Far above in the darkness of space, a lone ship waits to enter the portal to Uharu. His crew stands ready to complete their mission: the ghost ship Zafirah has been found - those who reach it first will most likely uncover the truth behind one of the Horizon's most ominous mysteries...
Many months ago, the destroyer Zafirah disappeared during the same event that caused the cruiser Ghazali to crash into the Hamura star. Now the ship is back, at a time when both the aftermath of the mysticides and the death of the emissary have rocked the horizon to its foundations. The Coriolis Council and Zenith authorities have been consulted, and more and more people are rising up against their oppressors. The Third Horizon is in a helpless position, and at this very moment, something ancient is rising from the shadows.

The Last Cyclades is the second part of The Grace of Icons, the epic and imaginatively designed campaign for Coriolis - The Third Horizon. This book contains:
Detailed background information for the GM, detailing the events threatening the Third Horizon and its inhabitants.
The Echo of Uhara: An adventure set in the darkness of space, a quest to solve a vast and terrifying mystery.
Mission generation spreadsheets that allow you to create bespoke campaigns and custom adventures to hunt down an enemy whose power is growing.
The Children are the Future, Forked Tongues, Rusah's Bane, and Fire of Icons: four adventure settings that expose the player characters to these troubled times.
In the Shadow of the Zenith: A race against time in which the characters return to Coriolis and find themselves at the heart of the escalating conflict of the Horizon.

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