Sku: 72790G
  • Castle District- 29.5 x 18 inches (approx. 70cm x 45cm)
  • Port District - 17 x 18 inches (approx. 43cm x 45cm)
  • Field district - 25 x 9 inches (approx. 63cm x 22cm)
  • North Ward - 23 x 13.5 inches (approx. 58cm x 34cm)
  • Lake District - 18 x 20 inches (approx. 45cm x 50.5 cm)
  • South Ward - 7.5 x 14.5 inches (approx. 19cm x 35cm)
  • Trade District - 21 x 10 inches (approx. 53cm x 25cm)

While the Waterdeep (City) map represents the entire city of Waterdeep, these different sized individual maps focus on the individual districts of the city in order to be able to see more details of the huge city of Waterdeep in the Forgotten Realms. The high-quality maps are printed on tear-resistant vinyl plastic. An ideal gameplay companion for all campaigns and adventures in Waterdeep, including Waterdeep: Dragonsteal.

Expected release date: Q2 2022