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The demon lord wears many masks. He is the foretold, the destroyer of worlds, the hungry, the horrid, the whisperer, the shadow in the void, the dark between the stars and the unspeakable. His will alone snuffs out stars and his shadow ends realities.

Shadow of the Demon Lord is an RPG set in the last days of a fantasy world. Reality is being ripped apart by the dissolution of time and space, weakening the iron laws of nature that control what is possible and what is not. As a result of all this decomposition, threats from beyond the universe invade the world. Depraved demons spawned in the endless void lust for the utter annihilation of all things. Where they invade the mortal lands unopposed, they bring death and ruin.

But no matter how bad the situation is, all is not lost. Extraordinary women and men have the opportunity to delay or perhaps even avert the impending disaster. They have walked very different paths in life, are hardened mercenaries, power-hungry magicians and priests of inscrutable gods. They are the ones who live in the bowels of the world and the slums of the cities. They rise from the fighting pits, step out of the academies, and set out from the farms and fields that nourish the great cities. In this hour of greatest need, when the world is on the brink, they come together to be heroes, protectors and maybe even saviours.

The rules at a glance

The outside of the book

  • approx. 352 pages
  • High quality 130g paper (matte)
  • color printing
  • 2 ribbon bookmarks
  • For the first time in German translation

The book from the inside

  • Dark Fantasy full of demonic horror and madness by Robert Schwalb ( D&D 5 and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition)
  • Simple system, easy to learn with lots of options
  • 4 apprentice paths, 16 journeyman paths, 64 master paths to develop the character as you wish
  • Character is built over the course of the campaign, no career planning required
  • 100 terrifying and demonic monsters that will scare you
  • A campaign world in which an empire collapses and the world is on the brink
  • 20 Ways to Destroy the World - Roll or choose the Destroyer's form!