Sku: 6209

A village spreads out between gently rolling hills to the south of a mill pond. Apparently it's mostly inhabited by halflings: all but one larger building are built for beings half the size of humans. You will also discover the typical, finely decorated entrances to the underground dwellings on some hillsides. It's a wonderful sight - were it not for two oddities. On the one hand, the village lacks any fortifications. It lies there, free and unprotected, without walls or palisades, like a dream from a more peaceful part of the world. And something else is missing: babble of voices, songs and laughter. Isn't it said that halflings are incorrigibly cheerful? Nothing is heard of that. They look plump and healthy, but after their day's work against the villagers with sealed lips and downcast eyes.
This volume contains eight adventure locations for the role-playing game The Forbidden Lands. Your adventurers can visit a village where nobody speaks, discover two enemy fortresses, search for the fountain of youth or get to know a mysterious cult. They can also walk in a heroine's footsteps, descend into old dwarven mines, visit a magical refuge and explore an orcish fort. The volume contains:

The Silent Village by Michael Masberg
Hydraberg & Greifenstein by Dominic Hladek
Heckenheim & Yefela's Fountain of Youth by Lars Reißig
Savistia by Mhaire Sritter
The forge of the ancestors by Stefan Küppers
The Dragon's Gorge by Stefan Unteregger
Kalliana's Valley by Tilman Hakenberg
Frosthill by Felix Hensell

Illustrations by Vincent Modeler & Don Kringel

Expected release date is fall 2022