Sku: DW-01

Dungeon World is a role-playing game that combines classic fantasy action with an innovative rule system. Venture into goblin lairs and dragon lairs. Become an adventurer and explore a land of magic and danger in your quest for riches and glory.

Dungeon World has rules that are easy to learn and never let the game grind to a halt. Even failures lead to unexpected turns and new challenges. Life as an adventurer may be tough and dangerous, but it never gets boring.

Dungeon World is made to be customized, modified and added to by you: create entirely new races, classes and monsters specifically for your game turn.

With this book, 3-5 players and some dice, the adventure can start in no time. Discover fantasy in a completely new way - in the Dungeon World !

  • Hardcover in 17x24cm format with 508 pages + two ribbon bookmarks