A magical mix of rule options for the world's greatest RPG.

The magician Tasha, whose great works include the spell Tasha's Terrible Laugh, has collected precious fragments from various tales here and there during her illustrious career as an adventurer. While her enemies don't want these well-kept secrets scattered across the multiverse, she has collected and written them down out of defiance and for the benefit of all.

  • EXTENDED SUBCLASSES. Try out options for every class in Dungeons & Dragons, including the Artificer that appears in this book.

  • MORE CHARACTER OPTIONS. Dive into a collection of new traits and talents, and customize your character's origins with clear rules for modifying racial traits.

  • NEW GROUP CARTRIDGE. Whether you belong to the same crime syndicate or work for an ancient dragon, each option comes with its own benefits and task types.

  • SPELLS, ARTIFACTS AND MAGIC TATTOOS. Discover more spells, magical tattoos, artifacts and other magical items for your campaign.

  • ADVANCED CONTROL OPTIONS. Try out rules for sidekicks, supernatural environments, natural hazards, and negotiating with monsters, and get instructions on how to run a Session Zero.

  • A WEALTH OF MYSTERIES. Puzzles of varying difficulty that can be integrated into any D&D adventure await your adventurers, including traps and instructions on how to use the puzzles in a campaign.

Packed with advanced content for players and gamemasters, this book is a great addition to the Player's Guide and Gamemaster's Guide. Inside you'll find additional rule options for all character classes from the Player Guide, including additional subclass options. Added to this is the class of blacksmiths - masters of magical inventions. And this witch's brew wouldn't be complete without a sprinkling of additional artifacts, spellbook options, spells for player characters and monsters, magical tattoos, party cartridges, and other goodies.

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