Are you ready for a ramble through the winter forest?

Don't go to the winter forest is a storytelling game about folk fears. Players take on the role of hapless villagers who enter a gloomy forest full of legends and must unravel its dark secrets. The game uses simple rules and a unique storytelling style to help you and your friends create spooky stories. This book includes:

Legends of the winter forest
The dark folk tales that surround the Winter Forest and the adjacent village. Includes contributions from Jason Morningstar ( Fiasco , Gray Ranks ), Daniel Bayn ( Wushu , Secrets and Lies ), Jason L. Blair ( Little Fears , Streets of Bedlam ), Jeremy Keller ( Technoir , Chronica Feudalis ), Rafael Chandler ( Dread , Spite ) and Daniel Moler ( Red Mass ).

game rules
Easy-to-learn rules designed to be played around a campfire. Recommended for 2-6 players who want to get scared. The average playing time is two hours.

Hints on how to bring horror into the game, build your own scenarios and create an unforgettable spooky atmosphere.

Four ready-to-play scenarios from the winter forest. Desperate villagers try to save a bewitched girl from a long-dead sorceress in The Curse . A strange celestial phenomenon causes a ghastly encounter in A Light Between the Trees . Rumors of a shapeshifting beast are haunting the village in Witchcraft . And in The Strangers , a spiteful test of courage among children leads to a terrifying encounter.