You will receive a dog leash handmade by me.

The leash is made from 8 strands of paracord.
A paracord strand has a breaking strength of 249 kg. Washable at 30°C.

2 bolt carabiners and 3 O-rings made of stainless steel are processed.
The bolt carabiners have a breaking strength of 230 kg. The rings have a breaking load of 150 kg.

With the rings, the leash with a total length of approx. 251 cm (without hand strap) can be adjusted to approx. 233 cm and 211 cm. If both carabiners are attached to the collar/harness, there is an additional adjustment of approx. 120 cm.
The leash is about 1.5 cm wide and 0.5 cm high.