Sku: OBOD0004

Slip into the roles of friends Akir, Liu, Jo and Lucas. You're at camp in an old castle and you see a strange light walking around at night... Is that a ghost?! Explore the forbidden part of the castle, roll the dice to ensure that your actions are successful, collect clues and dive into an extraordinary adventure as a group together with your game master.

My first role-playing game: The ghost in the old castle offers children from the age of eight an easy introduction to the world of pen-and-paper role-playing games. In the game, you slip into the roles of four friends who explore an old castle together in search of ghosts. An adult takes over the game management and leads through the adventure.

My first role-playing game: The ghost in the old castle is perfect for birthday parties and is optimally tailored to young heroes: There are almost no rules and all rehearsals take place with a normal dice. In addition to 40 cards and a poster, the box contains an easy-to-understand scenario and rule booklet that explains all areas of the adventure and provides useful tips. Even parents who have not tried role-playing games can easily lead a round and explore this new world with their children. A soundtrack that can be downloaded free of charge provides the right creepy atmosphere.

2-4 end of game
8+ years
90+ minutes playing time

ATTENTION: Not suitable for children under 3 years. Danger of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed.