Sku: MH-1

By the time they hit puberty, most people will have overcome their fear of the dark. They spend the midnight hours in endless phone calls, diary scribbles, and wet dreams. You fall asleep peacefully, safe in the knowledge that no monsters lurk in the shadows. But monsters do lurk in the shadows. You know it because you are one of them...

In the Monsterhearts role-playing game, you play as teenagers who are secretly monsters. You're trying to live a normal life, but then there's always this terror and confusion about the changes in your own body that you don't agree with. You slip into the role of a vampire, a werewolf, a fairy or a ghost and experience what it's like to be different and what it's like to love and hate yourself.

Monsterhearts has a simple set of rules and lets you experience stories about sexy monsters, secret love triangles and very own horror together. Create your character with the game books and start the game without much preparation thanks to the ruleset powered by the apocalypse.

All you need is this book, 3-5 friends, and a few dice to go back to high school, with all the hot relationships, wild drama, and chilling horror.

facts about the book

  • Hardcover in the familiar format (17×24 cm) with approx. 220 pages and bookmarks
  • German edition with new layout and new illustrations
  • 10 playable characters like the vampire, the fairy, the ghoul, the damned or the mortal
  • With lots of tips and safety techniques for your round of play
  • No long preparation, no complicated rules thanks to the pbta rule core, known from Dungeon World, Mythos World and So deep the heavy sea
  • Inspired by Buffy, Lost Boys, Vampire Dairies and Ginger Snaps