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This is no ordinary book. There are monsters in here! Yes, that's right: monsters really do exist. And they live among us. But don't worry, they're not angry... just a little upset.
Have you ever found yourself missing a sock? Or did you hear strange noises in the middle of the night? You're not crazy, but the knocking didn't come from the plumbing under the house either. It was the monsters of darkness! But don't panic: there are courageous task forces who capture the troublemakers - on behalf of the authorities for monster hunting!

Yes, you got that right: There are monster hunters. Would you also like to go on a monster hunt on behalf of the authorities? Then this is the right book for you. With Monster Hunt! you can put together a team and together with your friends* capture the monsters that scared you at night. Investigate mysterious events and meet the monsters of darkness in an endless series of fabulous adventures.

This basic set contains the Monster Hunt! rulebook, which explains the exact rules for a monster hunt on behalf of the authorities. Also included is the Book of Monsters, which introduces all the monsters the Authority has known so far and tells you what they like and what angers them. And there is a large catalog of gimmicks that you can use in monster hunting. There are badges for successful hunts, which are included in the set as practical stickers. It also contains a die-cut sheet with monster markers and their footprints on the back, and the first four orders from the agency as a leaflet.

We wish you and your friends lots of success and fun hunting monsters!

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