Sku: DOWD0020
The drums are beating again - experience the timeless story of Azeroth in Small World® of Warcraft®. Set in the fantasy world of Azeroth, the Alliance and Horde races clash in a global conflict.

Small World of Warcraft is a board game that combines popular Small World game mechanics with Blizzard's acclaimed Warcraft universe.

Players choose a combination of special abilities and races from the Warcraft universe, such as: B. Portal Mage Pandaren or Herbalist Goblins and vie for control of Azeroth.

To gain dominance over a region, players occupy legendary territories and attempt to gain control of powerful artifacts. But sooner or later all empires fall: when their people have spread too far, players must be willing to abandon them and look for another people.

Azeroth is home to a variety of different races. Some of them have always lived there, others come from other worlds. Do you want to be a brave defender of the Alliance or a brave protector of the Horde? By choosing your people, you decide who you fight for in this never-ending war. Which side do you swear allegiance to?

Are you for the steadfast, tradition-driven Alliance, the steadfast defenders of justice and accountability who stand bravely against all who invade Azeroth?

Or will you choose the irrepressible Horde, passionate champions of freedom and hope who relentlessly fight anyone who threatens those ideals?

Fans of online play will find lovingly crafted details in Small World of Warcraft, such as the murlocs: a race of upright, amphibious humanoids with multiple rows of sharp teeth and scaly skin coated in slime. At the beginning of the game they live everywhere on beaches, riverbeds and seacoasts and cost the players important nation tiles. Just as annoying creatures as in the online version.