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It has been almost a thousand years since one of the three moons burst over Lorakis and the dragonling empire perished in catastrophe. But for the humans, albs, dwarves, gnomes, and varges, a new age dawned under the shard moon: one in which to shake off the chains of their former slavery and become the masters of their own destiny.

Welcome to Shardmoon!

Shard Moon is a fantasy role-playing game. A group of players take on the roles of Shardbearers – those chosen by fate who harbor some of the Shard Moon's mythical power. You will solve ancient mysteries, explore the wilds of the continent, unravel intrigues, fulfill mystical prophecies and face off against sinister monsters. They don't act against each other, but together as a group: Play the leading role in ever new stories full of magic, heroism, tragedy and danger! Be it a gnomish wizard, brave knight, Vargian scout or Albian healer: Tell your own legend, become a celebrated adventurer in the magical world of Shardmoon!

This box builds on the Shard Moon Starter Box and extends the rules and backgrounds contained there. In this box you will not only find additional adventurers, more exciting spells and masteries as well as a brand new campaign in the distant jungles of Arakea, but also rules to increase your characters to the third and fourth hero level and thus make them even more powerful!

The Splittermond starter box is required to use the extension box.

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