The Smarthive 400+ is an intelligent deck box that meets all the requirements of the modern card game world. Not only does it offer space for several decks of cards and accessories (there is even a compartment for the Lifepad 5"), the removable lid can also be used as a play mat, while the particularly soft microfibre inside of the box serves as a play surface. The newly developed, particularly strong magnetic closure "ZnapClaw" keeps the box securely closed at all times.

What fits in this ingenious box:

4 × Side Winders 80+
or 4× Sidewinder 100+
or 4 × boulders 100+
or 4 × 2 × Sidewinder 100+ and 2 × Boulder 100+

Product Details:

- Designed for up to 400 (double-sleeved) or 480 (single-sleeved) standard-size cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves*
- The removable lid can be used as a play mat
- Compartment for the Digital LifePad 5"
- Ideal for storing a variety of Ultimate Guard products
- Convenient transport of multiple decks of cards
- Resistant XenoSkin material
- Microfiber lined interior
- ZnapClaw: Strong magnet closure with optimized locking mechanism

Dimensions: 281 x 190 x 102mm
Lid Size: 625*281mm

* Designed for Ultimate Guard Sleeves. Card sleeves from other manufacturers may affect capacity and/or compatibility.